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Within these pages I hope you will find the answers to your questions, whether you are a Homeowner or a Contractor. Most of the information is on HydroMulching or HydroSeeding a new lawn. We will explain how it works; the different methods, types of Mulches, Grasses, Additives, and how to pick a Contractor.  We will also give you a list of Companies from which to choose. Just click on the Button of your choice.




For the Contractor, this is a place to Gain Information, Share Information and to List your Services. Please click on the Contractors Button for your side of this site.



 HTPA is No Longer an Active Organization

Closed down November 2004

This Web Site is a result of the demise of the (Hydro Turf Planters Association) from which the most comprehensive independent information on HydroSeeding or HydroMulching was made available to Homeowners and Contractors alike. The pages of that site are being made available to you here with new information as it becomes available.


This site has been made available by the Former Members of to increase awareness of the HydroMulching & HydroSeeding Industry and to increase the business of all Contractors everywhere.


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is a site dedicated to bringing information to the General Public to Educate them about Grasses, the HydroMulch Process, Procedures and Results. Contributions to this web site are wholly owned by the contributors and any reprint needs permission from the author. This Information is for personal use and not for resale.